The choice of coating


Choose from allergy-friendly products?

Can you only wear precious metals?

No, you can coat Sweat Barrier on your favorite fashion accessories yourself .

You can enjoy accessories of your favorite design without worrying about the material.

Simply apply a smooth liquid like water. You can wear it immediately after coating.

Sweat barrier that anyone can use easily , safely and with peace of mind.

We deliver from 1 piece with a free shipping .


To better understand the Sweat Barrier (video) (sound is produced)

  • Earrings

  • necklace

  • ring

  • watch

  • Belt buckle

  • glasses

  • Underwear fittings

  • Brass instrument


Sweat barrier is a product developed and manufactured by Suffix Co., Ltd., a chemical manufacturer.

The metal surface coated with a sweat barrier has the property of repelling sweat well. A colander coated with a sweat barrier is so effective that it can scoop water.

This property prevents sweat from coming into contact with metal and prevents metal from leaching out due to sweat, which causes allergies.










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  • Easy anyway

    I thought it would be difficult to coat it myself. However, I had some earrings that I really wanted to wear, so I decided to buy them.

    When I actually tried it, it was very easy. Much easier than manicure. It doesn't smell, it's smooth like a lotion, and it looks the same. When I try to wear it, "Is it really painted?" ... it's perfect. Itching does not occur.

    I wanted to know earlier.

    Women in their 40s

  • Mother's memento necklace

    I couldn't wear my mother's memento necklace because of a metal allergy. I just kept it away.

    I bought a Sweat Barrier and tried it out, and now I can wear it normally. This is nice!

    With a silver necklace, it was darkened even if it was stored, but it does not darken even if I wear it. It also seems to have a darkening prevention effect.

    Women in their 50s

  • Cute earrings

    There is a small accessory shop in the aisle of the station where you commute every day. There are lots of cute earrings. I was just looking at it. Petit plastic becomes itchy.

    Since I got the sweat barrier, I buy it every time a new item comes out. I am grateful to Sweat Barrier for the fun of changing pierced earrings in the mood of the day.

    Since the number of accessories has increased, I have to buy a large case (laughs)

    Ah! Certainly, smiles may have increased.

    Women in their 20s

  • A watch essential for work

    A wristwatch is essential for work. But when I sweat, it becomes red and itchy. I had to put up with it all the time.

    This is easy and nice. When you sweat a lot, you may start to get sick without having a day, but the Sweat Barrier is portable so you can immediately recoat it.

    Now that I can concentrate on my work, I think it's more efficient.

    Men in their 30s

  • Anyway, it dries quickly

    At work, I need to change my accessories frequently. Even so, there is almost no time to wear it after deciding which accessory to wear next.

    Sweat Barriers are useful because they can be worn immediately after coating.

    It is an essential item for both business and private use.

    Women in their 30s

  • Also for latex

    I'm allergic to latex, not nickel. When I contacted the manufacturer, it was said that it was also effective for latex, so I bought it.

    Sounds good. Anyway, it is easy to handle and highly effective. Moreover, the flexibility of latex remains the same. I feel the high level of technology of the manufacturer.

    Men in their 40s

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