• Let me shine

The only magic in the world that makes me shine

Never give up your favorite accessories any more

Let me shine

Softly snuggling up to you with nickel allergies

Like a partner for those who suffer from nickel allergies,

a Sweat Barrier that gently snuggles up to you.

“We want to bring a smile to people who suffer from allergies.”

"We don't want you to give up fashion because of allergies."

With that in mind, we are delivering Sweat Barriers to everyone.

For those who enjoy fashion

for your smile

Peace of mind that you can choose your favorite accessories

It play an active part in such a scene

More than just jewelry

In various situations, it will be the perspective of people with nickel allergies.

Sweat Barrier

An ally who gently snuggles up to those with nickel allergies.
for yourself,
How about for that important person?

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Characteristics of the Sweat Barrier

A Sweat Barrier that brings smiles to everyone,

Coating work

We want you to go with a smile.

Therefore, it is a product that realizes "simple, safe and secure".




Don't give up on "fashion" anymore.

The Sweat Barrier becomes the point of view of those who enjoy fashion

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How to use the Sweat Barrier




There is a small accessory shop in the passageway of the station where I pass every day on my commute.

It have a lot of cute earrings. I was just looking at it. Affordable prices make me itchy.

Ever since I got the Sweat Barrier, I've been buying new ones every time they come out.

I am grateful to Sweat Barrier for giving me the pleasure of changing my pierced earrings according to my mood that day.

Ah! You may have smiled more.

20s, female

I thought it would be difficult to do the coating myself.

However, there was a piercing that I really wanted to wear, so I took the plunge and bought it. In practice, it was very easy.

Much easier than manicure.

It doesn't smell, it's smooth like lotion, and it doesn't look different. "Is it really painted?"

Perfect. It doesn't itch. i wish i knew sooner.

Female in her 40s

I was unable to wear my mother's memento necklace because of my nickel allergy. I just kept it away.

After purchasing a sweat barrier and trying it out, I was able to wear it normally. I'm so happy!

It was a silver necklace, and it turned black when I put it away, but it doesn't turn black when I wear it.

It also seems to have an anti-darkening effect.

Female in her 50s

For my work, I need to change my accessories frequently.

Also, there is almost no time between deciding which accessory to wear next and putting it on.

The Sweat Barrier is useful because it can be worn immediately after coating.

It is a must-have item for both business and private use.

Female in her 30s

I need a watch for work. But when I sweat, it becomes red and itchy.

I was patient all the time and worked. This is nice and easy.

When I sweat a lot, I sometimes start feeling itchy without lasting a day,

The Sweat Barrier is portable, so it can be recoated immediately.

I was able to concentrate on my work, and my efficiency went up... maybe?

Male in his 30s

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