Can it be used for necklaces as well?

yes. Even if you apply it to a chain such as a necklace, you can enjoy the natural sway, texture, and touch without becoming stiff.


What should I do if it adheres to a non-metallic part?

No action is required. Please use it as is. A sweat barrier can also be intentionally applied to non-metal materials (natural stone, plastic, plating, textiles, etc.) to protect them from sweat and rain.


Do I need to remove accessories when taking a bath?

You don't have to. The membrane of the sweat barrier does not deteriorate with hot water. No need to remove the ring when washing dishes. It does not deteriorate even if it comes in contact with detergent or alcohol.


Are there any jewelry that cannot be used?

No. However, if it adheres to expensive gemstones such as diamonds, it will not damage them, but we cannot judge the value of gemstones with a sweat barrier film attached. Please be responsible when applying to jewelry.


What should I do if the effect starts to decline?

The effect will be restored by reapplying. There is no need to remove the previous membrane. Please reapply from the top as it is. It is recommended that you carry it in a bag or the like so that you can apply it immediately even if you feel itchy when you go out.


Is there a specific brush to use for application?

Not specified. You can use any brush. In addition, the sweat barrier comes with a brush on the cap.


When I left the brush used for application as it is, it became hard. What should I do?

Soak in Sweat Barrier liquid the next time it is applied. Go back to the original soft brush.


How soon can I wear it after application?

You can wear it after about 30 seconds.


How long does the effect last?

The duration of the effect varies from person to person. There are people who need to apply it every day, and people who are fine for half a year after applying it once.

The film of the sweat barrier gradually becomes thinner due to repeated friction with the skin and clothing. It depends on the level of the person's metal allergy. Also, even the same person can change depending on the physical condition of the day.


Is there an expiration date?

There is no expiration date even after opening. Keep the lid tightly closed. You can use it without waste until the last drop even after many years.


Is it possible to reapply?

Is possible. If you feel that the effect has decreased, reapply. Also, if the effect is not enough with one application, you can improve the effect by applying two or three times.