About Suffix

for 10% smile

By providing the Sweat Barrier to the market, we are promoting our business with the aim of increasing the smiles of the world by 10%.
To achieve this goal, we are working on the development of new technologies and services.
We will continue to strive until all people with nickel allergies can enjoy accessories with their favorite designs without worrying about the material.
We will actively promote this project.


Create convenience in life,
Inviting customers to smile and leading social well-being




The convenience we propose is
become an integral part of society



Company Profile

company name Suffix Co., Ltd.
corporate number 4100001032284
Established June 2019
location Nagano Asahi 82 Bldg. 1597-1 Nishigocho, Nagano City, Nagano 380-0845 JAPAN
representative Hitoshi Kageyama, CEO
number of employees 6 people
Email info@suffix-w.co,jp
TEL +81-26-217-1552
URLs https://suffix-w.co.jp/